About Us

Merit Sensor Systems produces reliable, high-yield pressure sensor solutions.

Company Background

For over 20 years, clients have been relying on and partnering with Merit Sensor Systems to design and manufacture piezoresistive pressure sensor solutions for a variety of applications and industries.

Merit Sensor is a subsidiary of Merit Medical Systems (Nasdaq: MMSI).



Merit Medical Systems needed a reliable, high-yield pressure sensor solution for its first-ever digital inflation device. To meet this need, Sentir Semiconductor, Inc. was formed by Fred Lampropoulos** and Manny Rossell in Santa Clara, California.

** Mr. Lampropoulos founded Merit Medical Systems, Inc. He currently serves as Merit's Chairman and CEO.

Merit Medical acquired a majority interest in Sentir.


Merit Medical acquired the remaining interest in Sentir, and changed the name to Merit Sensor Systems, Inc.


Relocated to a new state-of-the-art facility on the Merit Medical campus in South Jordan, Utah. This relocation underscored Merit's commitment to the sensor business and enables both companies to leverage key resources. These investments, coupled with key additions in management allow us to better serve our customers.


Introduced 7000 Series pressure die as a die shrink to the AP301


Introduced Blood Pressure Series

Introduced Harsh Media Series pressure die for automotive / industrial applications


Introduced PMD Series for industrial applications

Expanded distribution sales channel to include China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all of South East Asia

Introduced SENS0001 pressure sensor for medical applications

Expanded distribution sales channels in Israel

Expanded distribution sales channels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey


Celebrated 20 year anniversary

Introduced first fully compensated analog products that include a signal conditioning ASIC

Expanded distribution sales channels in South Korea

Increased R & D by 50%

Expanded distribution sales channels in Japan

Increased production capacity by 50%


Introduced 2nd Generation HM Series pressure die

Introduced New High Pressure K Series pressure die as a die shrink to 5000 Series

Expanded R&D by 50% for 2nd consecutive year

Implemented DRIE process capabilities

Launched TR Series in production